The Satomotive Network builds on the free and open-source Minima blockchain and Streamr pub/sub networks by leveraging the community expertise of automotive engineers and blockchain developers. The result is a basic framework for mobility innovation that anyone, without permission, can #BUIDL on and expand as they wish.

Using Minima you can :-
~ Send and receive Minima coins and custom tokens between vehicles, drivers (mobile phones) and virtually any kind of transport infrastructure (V2X) such as EV chargers, roadside devices, and other vehicles.
~ Mint your own (custom / branded) fungible tokens to act as rewards, incentives or discounts and trade them with anyone on the network – with zero fees.
~ Mint your own (custom / branded) NFTs which can act as a secure means of identifying any driver, vehicle, device or network service. NFTs can contain on-chain (immutable yet auditable) links to off-chain (e.g JSON data stored in the IPFS) which in turn may be used to define virtually any form of business logic.
~ Automatically send tokens based on events triggered by vehicle (e.g CAN/OBDII) data.
~ Automatically send instant messages and alerts (including custom tokens, images and links to (e.g IPFS) stored or logged vehicle (trip) data.
~ Control physical and digital access to any V2X device (vehicle or transport infrastructure) or V2X service (digital content delivery, feature or OTA SW update) based on the provable and auditable ownership of a unique, unforgeable, NFT.

Using Streamr you can :-
~ Share ‘live’ P2P/V2X data (such as vehicle; CAN [OBDII or UDS ISO14229], LIN, Flexray or Automotive Ethernet / SOME-IP) between any driver (phone), vehicle, transport infrastructure or mobility service on the network. Data streams may be public or private. Private streams are fully E2E encrypted and cannot be stopped or intercepted. Streams are registered in the immutable Polygon blockchain.
~ Monetise your P2P/V2X data (using Streamr’s native ERC20 standard ‘DATA’ token) and create ‘data unions’ that share and reward data producers automatically and equitably using smart contracts.
~ Run your own Streamr node (at home) and be rewarded for contributing to the network’s resources, stake your DATA coins and earn rewards from investing in the network.
~ Share just the data you wish, when you wish and with whom you wish.