The Satomotive Network
for Open Mobility Innovation

The Satomotive Network connects drivers, vehicles and supporting infrastructure [V2X] to decentralised, blockchain based, networks [P2P] enabling anyone to #BUIDL innovative, private and secure P2P/V2X mobility solutions.

On the Satomotive Network every vehicle, everyone and everything is connected to a global peer-to-peer network that enables: data sharing, token transfers, fungible and non-fungible token (NFT) minting & messaging.

All V2X data is end-to-end encrypted. You own it. You control it. And only you decide what, when and with whom you share it. Transactions cannot be blocked, tokens cannot be forged and messages cannot be spied on.

Any driver or passenger can connect to the Satomotive Network via a smartphone.
Any vehicle may connect to the Satomotive Network via a device connected to the OBD2 port, to the vehicle’s CAN bus or directly via a head up display using your manufacturer’s API.

Any device that uses a Linux, Android or Windows operating system can become a node on the Satomotive Network. Every node is equal. Every node is a fully constructing and validating node. There are no master nodes, special validator nodes or centralised miners.

All of the software that the Satomotive Network uses is free and open source.
Use our hardware, or build your own. It’s up to you. The Satomotive Network includes many free applications that work out of the box. Anyone may build decentralised applications that extend the network using a range of popular programming languages.

The Satomotive Network is built on: the Minima Blockchain, the Streamr Data Pub/Sub Network and the Inter-Planetary-File-System [IPFS]. It interoperates with Bitcoin & Lightning Network and the Ethereum & Polygon blockchains.

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Welcome to the mobility revolution – decentralised.